E Commerce Consultancy

H & H Associates is an independent provider of web based software expertise, designed to give our clients a critical advantage over their competitors.

The staff at H & H Associates work in close partnership with clients, combining innovative business focused software consultancy, with proven expertise to deliver distinctive customised solutions.

H & H Associates product portfolio is extensive and impressive, ranging from small website design to large scaleable internet based e-commerce and database applications. With H & H Associates, you know that your requirements can be met with the minimum of fuss and confusion.

Our key skills are

Website design and application development to your requirements.

Database design & build in MS SQL Server, MySQL & MS Access.

E-Commerce, both out of the box and bespoke.

Top rated Windows & Unix hosting & email services.

Did you know that –

If you have loaded the wrong price for a product you can refuse to supply the goods if you state on your web site that there is no contract between the company and the customer until your company sends an email saying the goods are despatched.

Prescription medicines cannot be promoted to the public.

If you do not hold the IPR to your website, you cannot migrate your web site to another provider.

Your company will be liable if your designer has no insurance in palce if your designer infringes any IPR.

If you do not make customers agree to your terms before they buy or before you take payment then they may escape being bound by your terms.

You will be loosing a prospective market of nearly £50bn per anum if your site is not accessible to disabled people. For instance, try and make the text on your web site bigger.