How To Add IQ Objects Reports To The Resource 32000 Menu

This document explains how to add reports that you have written yourself to the Resource 32000 menus.

It is assumed that you have already written and tested a new IQ objects report.

It is assumed that you are a confident and capable user of Windows 95/98/NT4/2000

Following the instructions here adds your report to the menu. However it does not create a prompts screen for the report. You will be prompted for any necessary input via the IQ Objects prompts dialog.

Getting a report onto the menu takes three steps:

  1. Create a operating system link which runs the report
  2. Create a Resource 32000 Deed which runs the link
  3. Attach the Resource 32000 Deed to the menu

Creating the link

  • Create a new folder called Reports2 (in your network Resource 32000 directory if you want multiple users to be able to see the reports you are adding).
  • Use Drag-and-Drop to drag (a link to) IQPERSNL.EXE from c:\iq\iqobjects to the new folder.
  • Change the name of the new link that you have created to the name of your new report, e.g. My Aged Debtors Report. You can do this by right-clicking on the name, selecting rename from the menu and editing it in place.
  • Right-click on the new link, and select Properties.
  • On the resulting dialog select the Shortcut tab.
  • Append the Target (ie leave what is already there, and add the following text to it) with the following information, all on one line. It is shown here on multiple lines to make it easy to read. Insert a space wherever a new line appears below

MODE=PREVIEW IQK=the full path of the IQ knowledgebase CONNECT_STRING=”dsn=the odbc datasource” REPORT=the full path of the report that you want to run TERMINATE=1 BANNER=0

  • Substitute as appropriate for the bold italics above. Note that the double quotes in the CONNECT_STRING are required.
  • If the full path of the report that you want to run contains any space characters then surround it with double-quotes, eg “c:\my reports\myrep1.iqr��?.
  • Click on OK to accept your entry.
  • Now double-click the link to check that it runs your report. If you have created the link in a network folder then any user should be able to access it. (subject to network security of course).

Creating a Resource 32000 Deed

  • Go to the deeds maintenance program in System Control, Security Maintenance. You may need to be in user-group SUPER to do this.
  • Create a new deed, with a code that allows you to loosely remember what it is for.
  • Give the deed an appropriate description. This is how the report will appear on your Resource 32000 menu.
  • The type that you want is External.
  • The action is the full pathname of the link that you just created. This will be the pathname of its folder, with the name of the link appended and finally a .lnk extension.
  • e.g. “r:\Resource 32000\reports2\my report.lnk��?
  • Surround the action with quotes if it has any spaces in it, like the example above.
  • Give your deed an appropriate group that will allow suitable users to see it. ALL may do for the moment, as you can change it later.
  • Save your new deed.

Adding a Deed to the Menu

  • Go to the menu maintenance program, which is next to the deeds maintenance program on the system control menu.
  • Select the menu that you wish to add your new deed to, add the deed to the list with an appropriate element number (which controls its position in the list).
  • Save your altered menu.

Now return to the menu, right-click on it and select Refresh Tree. You will now be able to find your new entry on the menu that you have