How To Install Resource 32000

Q: What is involved in installing Resource 32000 Software?

A: This depends partially on whether you intend to run an Access version of Resource or use a Client-Server database such as Microsoft SQL Server. Installing Microsoft SQL Server takes a couple of hours and may require your NT Server to be powered down a couple of times. (You can usually continue to use your server during the majority of the installation process).

About 100MB of free disk space is required on your server for Resource 32000 software, demonstration databases, drivers, and IQ-Objects.

The user PC installation process takes about 15 minutes per user PC, to install IQ-Objects, ODBC drivers, and links to the server. We will need access to each PC to do this, or we can give you instructions for doing this yourself if you are technically capable. You need to allow 20-30MB on each PC.

Q: How much disk space do I need for data?

A: You should expect considerably greater disk-space requirements than previously. If using an Access database expect your data to double in size in use. If using a client-server database then the data may grow by a factor of five. Fortunately vast hard disks have become very cheap.

Q: Is modem support available?

A: Modem support is compulsory for Client-Server sites and highly recommended for Access sites. We use Symantec PC-Anywhere so you will need one of your PC’s to be attached to a direct telephone line, preferably the accounts supervisor’s PC. If your site uses NT Remote Access Services for telephone dial-in then we can use RAS to dial in, and then connect to PC-Anywhere across your network, so you do not have to install a new telephone line. If you prefer then PC-Anywhere can run directly on your NT Server.

If you have a problem with accepting modem support and you are running a Client-Server database such as Microsoft SQL-Server or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere then you must contact your account manager before DSR installs the software. We cannot support client-server sites without a dial-in connection to PC-Anywhere.

Q: Can I practice setting up the system and entering transactions before running live?

A: We strongly recommend that you consider setting up a test/demo system before going live so that you can assess your requirements in advance. Naturally this means taking some of your training before your data-conversion. The advantage of doing this is that you will know what you are doing when the data-conversion occurs so less time will be spent configuring your live system allowing a smoother transition. You can set up your documents (such as invoices, remittances, cheques, statements etc) in advance so that these will be ready for your live system.

However you should only take some training before your data-conversion if you are really going to take advantage of it by practicing and setting up a system. Otherwise you will have forgotten what you learnt by the time you get your converted data and the training will have been wasted.