Resource 32000 Case Study-Loughborough College

Loughborough College, currently provides wide range of courses to 12,000 UK and overseas students and started in 1909 as a technical institute.

Budget monitoring was a key requirement as the team leaders had responsibility for their budget, with its own cost codes. Every month the system now produces an income and expenditure report for each team using Resource 32000 within five working days of each month end.

The budget holders have on-line access to detailed reports form any PC in the college. So, if they have any queries on particular entries they can go on line and click on the relevant icon to find the detail they need, and most queries are resolved in this way.

This has saved budget holders and the finance team an enormous amount of time in sorting out relatively straight forward queries.

Another significant development was the recording and tracking of receipts form students for exams, trips and other over-the counter items. Previously they were given a till receipt for the transaction and this was often lost and it was impossible to provide a replacement. Now there is a PC on the counter running Resource 32000. Detailed information is keyed in at the point of sale immediately updating the system and crediting the correct cost code and producing a receipt of r the student that can be replaced if lost.

Also, the college can print cash book cheques and this speeds things up in October when they have to issue lots of refund cheques for courses paid and not taken up.

They also found the text translation useful enabling them to customise the system to fit in with standard descriptions in the college. If an item is developed for one user that is useful it can be added to the menu for everyone else to use and get benefit from.

The result was that the system could be developed and maintained by a non IT person and the College is more efficiently run.