Resource 32000 Case Study-Richmond Adult Community College (RACC)

The first UK College to go live with a fully-integrated Mondas Resource 32000 Financial Suite and LMS solution is Richmond Adult Community College (RACC), which is a Beacon-status college and a Centre for Vocational Excellence in both Business & ICT and Digital Design & Media.

“Most colleges enrol once a year but we enrol every day, often online. So, very few colleges have the complexity of our customer transactions,? says Drew Burns, Deputy Principal of RACC. “The Resource solution was the best we saw during our evaluation process: very user-friendly and easily adaptable to our special requirements. The two components, Resource 32000 and Resource LMS have been specifically designed and developed to work together which, during our evaluation process, a feature unique to Mondas Resource 32000.

“Resource 32000 Financial Suite went live in August 2003, preparing the ground for Resource LMS, which is a major step change in software in this area and we were delighted when this went live successfully in February. Our staff worked closely with the Mondas team from the outset, helping define requirements, test and implement. Our new system is much more professional and efficient and will enable us to improve our performance and comfortably meet our challenging objectives.?

Resource 32000 is a market leader in the Further Education Sector. Its Financial Suite is a powerful, modular ICAEW-accredited solution comprising core financial ledgers plus procurement, commitment accounting, budgeting, project costing and fixed assets. Other modules include Resource HR and Payroll and Resource Continuing Professional Development. Resource LMS, which is the latest addition to the Resource portfolio, is a web-enabled workflow controlled solution to manage people and processes within an education environment. It can either be fully integrated with Resource 32000 Financial Suite or implemented as an independent solution.