Systems And Procedures

Each year, companies lose thousands of pounds through common mistakes resulting from inabality to follow procedures because they are not sure of what the company’s policy is or because there is not one.

Standardising the way things are done will minimise the chance of mistakes, and hence the need for costly rework. Mistakes and rework can lead to total elimination of your profit. Our expertise will help you to develop systems and procedures that will enable your staff to operate more efficiently and make staff transitions and temporary replacements easier. Once implemented these systems and procedures will provide a reference platform for continuous improvement.

So what do business owners and executives do? -Prepare systems and procedure notes.

Here are some guide lines

  • describe your required actions described thoroughly and accurately. Make sure no details are left open to interpretation?
  • Make sure your content is consistent and complete, or are your writers leaving gaps no one has noticed?
  • Ensure revisions are controlled, and that different people are not using different versions?
  • Determine whether your procedures compliant with regulations.
  • All documents must be written to produce clear, measurable results. Try them out on staff.

H & H ASSOCIATES. can also assist you in having your systems and procedures developed into integrated Management System, leading to certification by an IS0 9000 accredited authority.