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H & H Associates are consultants and have been engaged for a wide range of projects on behalf of both large corporations and SME’s throughout the world. Our Consultants world-wide experience and knowledge makes them highly valuable advisers, Our consultants bring to your business objectivity and professionalism to meet your requirements.


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Services we provide:

H & H Associates aid clients envision applications of knowledge technology –

Creation of knowledge systems begins in the “fuzzy space” where new business solutions are formed. Effective solutions result form bringing together multiple and diverse interests of various stakeholders. When diverse stakeholders need to formulate a solution, a process of working together becomes critical. Because each stakeholder may see and relate to a future vision in a different way, different ways of sharing a vision of the solution may be sued to forge shared understanding and commitment.

Central to the work of formulating an optimal solution is the need to envision a desired future state. Key to the work of formulating solutions is a need to envision a desired future state. It is best accomplished by forging a shared understanding of what is possible through the interplay of technologies and good business processes. Our experience shows that using an effective process that encourages such interplay significantly enhances the business results by implementing knowledge systems.

The envisioner has to ask questions like will giving a manager access to more information have any benefit and what will he do with the information he gets. Likewise, he will be reflecting on whether we should money on technology if lower costs or higher profits do not result. So the key issue is will investment in technology make people who are important to the organisation change for the better.

He will have to also make it clear that change cannot be brought about without investing effort and money. Staff are often expected to bring about change while they continue to do their day jobs. Where will the extra effort on those who are expected to change come from? Has it been budgeted into their time or has some of their work been passed to others? Thus, investment cases need to take into account not just the expenditure on IT but also what will be spent transforming the way people work.

As money is spent in the short term, but the return will be realised in medium to long term the envisioner will need to make his clients know what might go wrong and quantify and minimise that risk.

Envisioning also encompasses setting out the funding issues. Is it better to use credit or overdrafts or funds specifically for the purpose via leasing or a rights issue?

Prioritisation is another key aspect of envisioning. It needs to be undertaken as all resources available to an organisation are in short supply. It is a process that needs key facts, a process for ranking opportunities and what else is planned. It is not a one-off task. It must be repeatedly, scrutinising new and running investments and reprioritisation may be necessary form time to time.

A final part of the process is to create a feedback loop to ensure that the project does not become delinquent and that corrective action is taken as soon as necessary.

HHA carry out an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management,
control, and governance processes.

H & H associates can provide Interim Management cover.

Here are some of the advantages in bringing an HHA interim manager into your organisation:

  • Value for money

An executive on £100,000 is actually costing the business a lot more. Once you have added in bonuses, holiday pay, NI contributions, pension, health and company car benefits, the real cost is likely to be nearer to £175,000. These costs do not apply to our interim managers.

  • Availability

Our interim managers are available immediately. Typically it could take a minimum of four months to hire a permanent member of staff, as they may have to serve out their notice period.

  • Immediate results

Unlike a permanent employee who is typically given a honeymoon period to settle in, the HHA interim manager will start delivering results within five days, identifying quick wins and rapidly building relationships.

  • Experience

Our interim managers offer instant experience and a capability which is almost always one rank higher than the job requires.

  • Objectivity

Our interim managers are objective and do not like being side-tracked into office politics. They do not expect to have a long career with you so they tell you what you need to hear – not what you want to hear.

H & H Associates provide a full range of ICT services

HHA can advise on and implement office automation; the use of computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks. HHA can also assist and advise on raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information.

We firmly believe in the following statement:
“What you can measure you can manage!”
It is absolutely vital for every business to understand what the key numbers are that are critical to that particular business.
H & H Associates provide Management services

HHA will encourage productivity and quality improvement and promote the development of ways of improving productivity and quality

HHA will:

Asses the level of consistent profitability and therefore the sale price

Ensure that contracts with suppliers and customers are in order.

All assets such as intellectual property are secured.

Check out any potential threats such as potential litigation.

Make certain that the key staff are in place and are likely to remain and the business can run independently of its owners, thereby increasing its sale value

HHA can conduct strategy review that monitors progress of the company from a strategic level, making sure that the objectives are on track.
H & H Associates has found that companies derive the following benefits from having their staff trained on an on-going basis.

  • Improved communication skills
  • Development of hidden talent
  • Ensures consistent quality and unifies standards
  • Provides greater focus
  • Produces more effective and productive efforts
  • Helps identify the members of staff that need further support, assistance and training
  • Aids the identification of other issues that need to be resolved
  • Can be used as an opportunity to reinforce organisational aims
  • Provides opportunities for feedback
  • Can be used to review areas for improvement

At the heart of H & H Associate’s consulting approach is a focus on delivering long-term sustainable improvements to the organisation’s key stakeholders.

H & H Associate’s consultants work alongside client senior teams to help them define goals and objectives, set direction and analyse their current performance. They will also identify gaps, and put in place a change effort that will close the gaps. Designing new strategies, processes or organisations is not where it ends. At H & H Associates we see these steps as only the beginning. Implementing strategies so that they become embedded as the way of doing ‘business as usual’ is what matters, and helping companies do that is a great strength of our firm.

Balanced Scorecard

We practice a balanced Scorecard approach that generally has four perspectives:

  1. Financial
  2. Internal business processes
  3. Learning & Growth
  4. Customer

Each of the four perspectives is inter-dependent improvement in just one area is not necessarily a recipe for success in the other areas.

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