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The Hardoons family website
A site about the geneaolgy of the hardoons by David Roi Hardoon.

The Hardoon Saga starts in Iraq where Hardoon’s left to countries such as India, China, Thailand, Israel, Iran, United Kingdom, USA, HongKong, Australia, Canada, France, Algiers and Marocco. I am sure there are other countries that I am not aware about. So far we have found quiet a few variation of the surname Hardoon though all are pronounced similarly in Hebrew and/or Arabic.

The word “Hardoon” or “Hardan” (other then being a type of Lizard in Hebrew) has the same significance in either Hebrew or Arabic, which goes largely in scale from “angry, shaken and annoyed” to ” stubborn, fanatic or zealot” to “inveterate”.(Genesis 27:33), (Isaiah 19:16), (Hoshea 11:11), (Isaiah 10:9), (Samuel “A” 21:2), (Zecharia 2:4) etc.…