H & H Associates have worked on a wide range of projects on behalf of both large corporations and SME’s.

When the skills, knowledge, and experience of an organisation are not appropriate, not currently available for the concentrated effort needed, or not sufficiently independent for the task, we provide technical skills, breadth of experience and the ability to deal with the vital human side of change management and implementation. Our Consultants experience and knowledge makes them highly valuable advisers, bringing to your business an objectivity and professionalism to meet your requirements.

Typical assignments for H & H Associates include:

  • Reviewing an organisation’s corporate objectives and strategy.
  • Reviewing an organisation’s structure and staffing.
  • Appraising, selecting, and determining the remuneration structure for executives.
  • Improving revenue and profitability.
  • Increasing cost effectiveness.
  • Introducing new or better management techniques such as information technology, staff incentives, asset management, and re-engineering.
  • Planning and controlling the execution of projects which are outside the normal experience of the organisation’s staff.
  • Due diligence reviews prior to acquisition
  • Now your customer and supplier reviews
  • Forensic accounting

H & H Associates have developed their services to meet these and similar requirements.