Headline: Leading UK charity becomes more organised
Company Name: FHU
Company Profile: Charity raising funds for a large University through fund-raising, subscriptions donations and legacies.
Turnover (GBP): 3,000,000
Staff: 100 including voluntary staff
Software: Roots
Brief: Discussed the Charity’s requirements with supportgroups, trustees auditors and staff
Produced system specification
Tested new system
Produced an implementation plan and initiated implementation
To look at administrative systems and their ability to support the input requirements.
Agree improvements to the admin. System and facilitate changes.
To carry out a training need analysis and to set up appropriate training.
Recruit staff to manage and run the system.
Produce an operations manual
Produce input forms. Design reports for users Produce month end checklists Produce a systems manual for the software
Value added to company: