Due diligence is a process of verifying the facts and assessing the risks before entering into a business transaction. It can help you to:

– Evaluate the potential benefits and challenges of doing business in different markets, both domestic and foreign
– Make informed decisions based on reliable data and analysis
– Detect any red flags that may indicate fraud, corruption, legal issues or other problems
– Negotiate better terms and conditions for your deal
– Confirm that your investment or acquisition criteria are met and aligned with your strategic goals
– Build trust and credibility with your investors, partners and customers
– Minimize the chances of facing disputes, litigation or regulatory actions after the transaction

There are two types of due diligence services:

Pre-emptive due diligence

Pre-emptive due diligence is a proactive approach that helps you prepare for a successful transaction. It involves conducting a comprehensive review of the target company or entity, its financial performance, operations, assets, liabilities, contracts, customers, suppliers, competitors, legal status and reputation. Our pre-emptive due diligence services can help you identify any potential risks or opportunities and devise a suitable action plan.

Post-transactional due diligence

Post-transactional due diligence is a reactive approach that helps you deal with any issues or losses arising after the transaction. It involves thoroughly investigating the causes and consequences of any problems, such as breach of contract, non-compliance, fraud, misrepresentation or defective goods. Our post-transactional due diligence services can help you recover your losses, enforce your rights, resolve disputes and prevent future occurrences.